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We Can Be Heroes What to watch

For Catholic Christmas, Robert Rodriguez introduced the audience to the fantastic Netflix original film We Can Become Heroes, in which a team of superheroes once again rescues the Earth from alien invaders. However, the focus here is not on adults with supernormal abilities, but on their equally outstanding brainchild.

Background and overview of the plot

the main characters of the comedy film

Apparently, Rodriguez missed “Spy Kids” and did not put up with the cool reviews for his 2005 superhero movie “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava.” At least the reference to these epic stories in the plot is explicit and twists their motives into a new fascinating drama.

Guppy (as Vivien Blair)
Guppy (as Vivien Blair)

Boy shark and Lavage in the movie too, but they are already Mature and responsible parents. Their funny daughter Goopy is one of those who will have to rescue their parents from captivity and learn ahead of time to save humanity from a terrible enemy.

We Can Be Heroes spoilers

Pedro Pascal as Marcus Moreno
Pedro Pascal as Marcus Moreno

And the film begins very prosaically: an ordinary Tuesday, beautiful sunny weather, young Missy Moreno is going to school, and her father is going to an ordinary job.

“When you think back to that day, you’re surprised at how normal it started, she admits”.

But it was then that the heroes who had never known failure before were defeated. Missy tries very hard to look like everyone else, but it is difficult, because her father – Marcus Moreno-is one of the superheroes serving in “Heroics”. But he promised his daughter that he wouldn’t take any more chances and die like her mother, and Missy doesn’t want to hear about any superpowers.

Marcus Moreno and other superhumans, united by the organization “Heroica”, reliably protect the planet from evil. But on this day, all of them were powerless and were captured by the all-powerful aliens, who gave the earthlings a period of three hours to surrender.

YaYa Gosselin by Missy Moreno
YaYa Gosselin by Missy Moreno

Missy was sheltered in the underground super-protected bunker of “Heroics” along with other children of superheroes. But to believe that superdetki will sit quietly until their parents could face unknown dangers, was very short-sighted. The guys realized that it was time to unite as a team and use their capabilities to the fullest. And everyone’s abilities are different:

Supernatural abilities of heroes

We Can Be Heroes Supernatural
  • Acapella has a masterful voice and can move objects with it;
  • Oho looks into the future for as much as 5 minutes, which saves their lives more than once;
  • Pasta stretches like noodles;
  • Grimace changes the face, including copying other people’s guises;
  • Funny Goopy, the daughter of Sharkboy and lava, creates masterpieces from water, sometimes very dangerous.

In general, the skills of the guys are different, and together they can become a very deadly team. That’s just to learn how to interact literally on the run, and even do not forget about the constant danger, because the aliens have already attacked their trail.

We can be heroes: cast and crew

Priyanka Chopra as Miss Granada

The fact that Rodriguez will shoot superhero fiction for Netflix, announced in August 2019. No one was surprised that he would also appear in it as a director, screenwriter and producer – Rodriguez often differs in this. Slightly puzzled by the choice of an actress for one of the key roles – Priyanka Chopra. If it has already been seen in spy dramas (“Quantico”), then it has not come into contact with superhero fiction. Perhaps Miss World 2000 here is a bait for an adult audience, because the film itself, of course, is child-adolescent. The charming Miss Granada, the director of the program “Heroics”, in her performance is a pleasure to watch.

With adult characters, the situation is more familiar. Rodriguez admitted that he had long dreamed of working with Mandalorian Pedro Pascal, and voila-here, he plays the charismatic Marcus Moreno. He is accompanied by:

  • Taylor Dooley (Lavage);
  • Boyd Holbrook (The Miracle Worker);
  • Christian Slater (Techno);
  • Geoffrey Dashnau (Sharkboy) et al.

The young team starred Ya-ya Gosselin, Vivien Lyra Blair, Lotus Blossom and other actors.

Official trailer for “We Can Be Heroes”

Initially, the film was scheduled to be shown on January 1, 2021, but was released ahead of schedule – by December 25.

It is clear from the official trailer in English that the target audience is children and teenagers, but the authors tried to make the comic saga interesting for family viewing.

Attention is focused on the graphics, rich, even acidic palette, dramatic moments of plot twists and turns.

3 facts from the comedy “We Can Be Heroes”

  1. Despite the fact that the picture, in fact, is a continuation of the superheroics about the shark boy and the lava girl, the acting tandem was not repeated in it. The pair of Taylor Dooley this time was Jeffrey Dashnau instead of Taylor Lautner. However, in all episodes with the actor, his face is covered with a mask and there are no words, so in the next part (and Rodriguez probably takes into account this possibility) Lautner will be able to return to the role without any problems.
  2. The author admitted that the film at the moment was the most difficult in his career. A large number of heroes – 11 children and a dozen superhero parents-were forced to sweat over the drawing of images, their location in the frame, the realism of the characters.
  3. According to Rodriguez, the idea to restart “Sharkboy and Lava” did not arise from scratch, but is associated with the pandemic-2020. “I got calls from many studios,” the director said. – And asked to make a suitable film for family viewing, because everyone is sitting at home with their children.”
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    Tying We Can Be Heroes to his old film, however loosely, is perhaps the only attempt that Rodriguez makes at appealing to adults — besides, of course, a subplot that involves a President who can’t string a sentence together, because he’s so dumb.