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In 2015, Netflix released a series about the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, whose quotes are still relevant to this day.
The main roles were played by Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, Javier Peña.

Date of birthDecember 1, 1949
Date of death2. December 1993
Full namePablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
DescriptionColombian drug dealer and political figure. Escobar made a huge fortune in the dirty way, mainly through the sale of narcotic drugs
A brief biography of Pablo Escobar

In 1989, Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at more than $ 1 billion. Escobar went down in history as one of the most famous and violent criminals of the XX century, not only in Colombia, but also around the world. Killing judges, prosecutors, journalists, destroying civilian planes, police stations. He personally dealt with his victims, was popular among young people and the poor.

Review of the best statements of the Colombian drug lord

Journalist Victoria interviews Pablo
Journalist Victoria interviews Pablo

Pablo lived a short, but very busy life, having gone from a minor fraudster to the head of the largest drug cartel in Colombia, many of his statements were not lost on reporters. Such sparkling quotes can be regarded not only as a guide for survival in the criminal world, but also for general development.

Pablo’s sayings about death, paradise, and God

quote from Pablo Escobar about the attitude to death
quote from Pablo Escobar about the attitude to death

“Death cannot be deceived, but it can be made friends.”

“As long as there is a paradise, I can count on it.”

“Consider me a god. Because if it seems to me that someone is destined to die, they die on the same day.”

“Every person is a saint to someone.”

“Even the gods sometimes make mistakes.”

“When you’re dead, you have nothing to fear.”

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

Quotes about the bright future of Colombia

Pablo on a motorcycle in Colombia
Pablo on a motorcycle in Colombia

“All I wanted to do was make Colombia a better place.”

“I don’t understand why everyone forgets how much I have done for the poor. Remember, I was called the Robin Hood of all the Paisas (residents of the northwestern part of Colombia.”

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

Quotes from Pablo about the attitude to money

drug lord's money
drug lord’s money

You can see how Pablo justifies himself for his crimes, believing that money is only dirty and there are no honest ways to earn it in his reality.

“Money is never clean.”

“I have always maintained that my wealth has nothing to do with drugs. I am a modest person, I export flowers.”

“I didn’t make my fortune and gain power to live like a fucking rat.”

“I know very well how math works, but still, in my world, it’s impossible to take ten away from nine.”

“Everything has a price, and the most important thing is the ability to determine it correctly.”

“I know that some people find my lifestyle excessive, but what else can I do with my money?”

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

Young people loved him for helping the poor, while others were afraid of him.

Pablo quotes about prison, escape, Americans and enemies

Pablo thinks about how to eliminate his enemies
Pablo thinks about how to eliminate his enemies

Americans saw Pablo as a real threat to the Miami economy. Practically all of Colombia’s drug traffic passed through the resort town of the rich. From airport employees to pregnant women, people were involved in smuggling.

“The best way to deal with enemies is to stop noticing them.”

“You’ll never know which bullet will kill you. After all, bullets do not have names written on them.”

“I’d rather rot in Colombian soil than live in an American prison.”

“America is two hundred million idiots, led by one million special agents.”

“I’m dead tired of hiding and fighting.”

“No creature can ever catch me. From here in the jungle, I can kill them all. Therefore, all they can count on is a miserable loss.”

“Sometimes I think I’ve gone too far with all the kidnappings and bombings.”

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

Quotes about the Family

Pablo with his mother. A shot from the TV series Narcos
Pablo with his mother. A shot from the TV series Narcos

Pablo’s family was his Achilles ‘ heel – they were the only people Escobar thought about all the time. After the death of a powerful drug dealer, all the relatives left Colombia for Argentina and changed their last name. However, later the story became public and some of the statements are still alive today.

“In this life, I can find a replacement for anything, but I will never find a replacement for my wife and children.”

“I have always acted as a man of duty, even though someone says that I am a terrorist. But I believe that a person is obliged to fight for his family and his property, and if he needs weapons for this, so be it. Am I supposed to act like a total faggot and let someone take my dignity and honor away from me?”

“I’m not very good at writing letters. So tired of this fucking typewriter! She is driving me crazy. I should probably call my family — they have just returned from Germany. Therefore, I tell you goodbye and take care of yourself.”

“I love bulls, but most of all I like cars. In my family, they are generally fond of speed. For example, my brother (Roberto Escobar. – Esquire) is very fond of bicycles, so at some point I decided to give him this bicycle factory (Bicicletas Ositto).”

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

Other statements of the drug lord

Escobar was constantly taking notes
Escobar was constantly taking notes

The Spanish quotes have been translated into English. There may be inaccuracies in some places, but the meaning remains the same.

“Those who have something to say are always silent.”

“There can only be one king.”

“There is nothing more valuable than making a promise, and nothing more shameful than breaking it.”

“There is nothing more terrible than putting a person with personal problems in power.”

“Don’t trust anyone, especially yourself.”

“I understand perfectly well that you will print all this.

“Not all mistakes can be forgiven.”

“Every year it becomes more and more difficult to foresee the future.”

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
plata o plomo - Pablo Escobar
Plata o Plomo

And finally, the business card of Pablo Escobare: what does plata o plomo mean?
The phrase “plata o plomo” means silver or lead.

Pablo and his son outside the White House

Netflix was able to fit in 3 seasons most of the popular sayings of Pablo Escobar. Here is collected the main extract, often cited in the digital space.

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