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The Ripper on Netflix What to watch

On December 16, 2020, the 195-minute Yorkshire Ripper mini-series began streaming on the Netflix streaming service. The Netflix film The Ripper is dedicated to the investigation of high-profile murders against British women between 1975 and 1980.

Biography: The story of the Ripper from England

Recalling the bloody horrors of English history of the 19th century for similar motives of crimes, the press allowed the Yorkshire killer to be dubbed Jack the Ripper.

Brief biography of the killer

Yorkshire Ripper wedding photo
Yorkshire Ripper wedding photo

In his early years, Peter had problems communicating with his peers. With women, he also had no success and often resorted to the services of prostitutes. He left school at the age of 15, worked as a gravedigger for a long time, and spent a couple of years on the packaging line at Britannia Works in Anderton International. Having saved up the amount of 400 pounds spent on training a truck driver. The chosen one of Peter was a woman with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, but the disease did not interfere with building relationships. Having settled in the red light district of Bradford, he was often interested in voyeurism. Over time, the teenage perverse interest in peeping grew into something more.

list of victims of the maniac
list of victims of the maniac

The number of victims of the Yorkshire Ripper was 13 people, the total number of attacks 23. Sutcliffe acted violently, using heavy objects (stone and hammer). Arrested by the police by accident in early 1981 while driving under false license plates.

Investigation of the Ripper case

police investigate the Yorkshire Ripper crime
police investigate the Yorkshire Ripper crime

The investigation ruled that the suspect openly spoke about the crimes committed by him, supporting his actions with section 37 of the law-unintentional murder due to mental disability. The court, in turn, recognized the full sanity of Peter Sutcliffe, but the killer did not stop claiming that “divine voices” urged him to kill prostitutes to clean the city of dirt.

According to the court’s decision, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. After frequent attacks by his cellmates, he was transferred to a high-security psychiatric hospital. After being treated for paranoid schizophrenia by a medical tribunal, he was transferred to HM Prison Frankland.

Spoilers for the series

people take to the streets of Yorkshire-call on the authorities to catch the killer
people take to the streets of Yorkshire-call on the authorities to catch the killer

Americans Jesse Vile and Helen Wood managed to make a high-quality documentary about the Yorkshire Ripper. It is unlikely that in their work you can find extra fragments, shot as if in order to justify the stated amount of spent meters of film. Even the question of decriminalization of prostitution, which is implicit in the film Vayla and Wood, does not look superfluous or at least “far-fetched”.

Number of episodes, duration

victims of the criminal
victims of the criminal

Four episodes – each of which lasts about 50 minutes-on the story of the British serial killer # 1 (after Jack the Ripper!) – This is optimal. In addition, the series shows the “good old” England, including the era before Thatcher. The series starred both participants in the investigation of Sutcliffe’s crimes,and people who were witnesses in these cases.

The content of the series

crime scene. Shot from the movie The Ripper
crime scene. Shot from the movie The Ripper
  • The first series of “Once Upon a Time in Yorkshire” is dedicated to the beginning of Sutcliffe’s criminal activities and the attitude of society to his deeds. Interestingly, at first, the murders of prostitutes did not cause a stir in the depressed areas of the north of England.
  • The second episode, titled “Between Now and Dawn,” deals not only with how Sutcliffe continued to kill priestesses of corrupt love, but also with how the police tried – unsuccessfully at first – to catch him.
  • the third series, called “Reclaim the Night” by the creators, tells not only about the publication of samples of the suspect’s handwriting and information about his phone calls, but also about the protests of English women against the police, who were, in their opinion, unable to catch a bloody killer who kept an entire county in fear.
  • The fourth and final episode (its title can be translated as “Out of the Shadows“) is dedicated to the end of the investigation and the capture of Sutcliffe.

Official Trailer for The Ripper from Netflix

trailer The Ripper

In this documentary thriller about a serial killer, Netflix reminds the world that there will always be evil people in our society who do sinister things.

3 interesting facts about the series: ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’

Assistant chief constable Alan Armstrong in the role of George Oldfield (police officer)
Assistant chief constable Alan Armstrong in the role of George Oldfield (police officer)
  1. Director David Richards cast the excellent English actor Alan Armstrong as a police officer.
  2. Sutcliffe was blinded in one eye after being attacked by a prisoner, the other eye he damaged after an injection for diabetes.
  3. Peter William Sutcliffe died at the University Hospital of North Durham from COVID-19 at the age of 74 a month before the release of the series The Ripper.

Peter committed the ultimate crime against women. The Bingley terrorist had been deceiving the police for several years, effectively excluding evidence the killer had kept the entire city at bay.

Jack the Ripper was a Victorian-era assassin, the Yorkshire Ripper used the same techniques but was already a contemporary. The documentary mini-series from Netflix reminds viewers that history has a tendency to repeat itself.

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