The Little Things Release Date: review and full cast, where to watch movie?

The Little Things 2021 Coming Soon

The Devil is in the Details is written by director D. L. Hancock from a screenplay he wrote himself. The film revolves around Deputy Sheriff Dick and professional detective Baxter of the LASD.

Brief review film ‘The Little Things’ (2021), spoilers

Denzel Washington as Joe 'Deke' Deacon
Denzel Washington as Joe ‘Deke’ Deacon

Joe “Dicky” Deacon goes on a regular business trip. There were no signs of trouble. But the trip to find evidence turned out to be something more serious. The deputy sheriff was caught looking for a serial killer who is known to have dealt with young women. A maniac terrorizes the city, frightening local residents.

Rami Malek as Jim Baxter
Rami Malek as Jim Baxter

Leading the hunt for the killer is Los Angeles Sheriff Sergeant Jim Baxter. Deacon’s professional flair does not leave the detective indifferent, and he unofficially attracts him to the investigation. Joe’s police nose was eerily accurate down to the smallest detail. Now the two heroes are joining forces to catch the villain.

Jared Leto as Albert Sparma
Jared Leto as Albert Sparma

But what Deacon didn’t know was that being involved in a high-profile case would stir up his own secret ghosts of a dark past. Details of Joe’s life that he did not want to share come to the surface.

Chris Bauer as Detective Sal Risoli on the right
Chris Bauer as Detective Sal Risoli on the right

Detective Baxter approaches his intended goal of catching the culprit while simultaneously approaching the Deacon’s secret without knowing it. Now Joe must fight the ghosts of his past life. And his desire to bypass the rules puts the detective in a heartbreaking dilemma.

Full Cast & Photos from the shoot

The main roles in the film “The Devil in Small Things” are performed by the best actors – three Oscar winners. Denzel Washington got the role of Joe Dixon. The astute detective is played by Remy Malek. Jared Leto plays the role of serial killer Albert Sperm.

Russian actress Sofia Vassilieva as Tina Salvatore
Russian actress Sofia Vassilieva as Tina Salvatore

Tina Salvatore is played by Sofia Vasilieva. Also in the film are Natalia Morales, Terry Kinney, Tom Hughes and other actors of modern cinema.
An excellent cast is the main feature of the film. The picture is also interesting because the American actress of Russian origin Sofia Vasilieva joined the brilliant acting trio.

This film rightfully claims to be the main event of winter. The film’s production company is Gran Via Productions, as well as Warner Bros.

What is The Little Things release date?

The Little Things release date on HBO MAX

The official release date of the crime film “The Little Things” (2021) is scheduled for the end of January 2021. The exact release date for US residents starts on January 29. In some European countries such as France and Spain, the film will be shown on January 27. The rest of the audience will be able to see in March 2021.

11 Interesting facts about the movie

Crime movie ‘The Little Things’ is known for some interesting facts.

  1. The date of the beginning of filming of the crime trailer is September 2, 2019. Filming was completed in the same year. The coronavirus pandemic has postponed the premiere of the film. Denzel Washington was confirmed for the role of a police officer in the spring of 2019, and D. Leto entered negotiations in August.
  2. The city of Los Angeles in California was chosen for the filming of the film.
  3. Another name for the film is “Trivia”.
  4. For the first time, John Lee Hancock is simultaneously producing, directing, and writing a film.
  5. The film will be distributed in the United States on a hybrid model. The film will be released in theaters. And the movie will be available to all HBO Max subscribers for a period of 30 days at no additional cost.
  6. Sofia Vasilyeva, who plays the role of Tina Salvatore , is a native of Novosibirsk. In the early 90s, her parents, Ph. D.’s, moved to the United States. The girl’s talent was noticed by people from the IMTA Company in New York, which helped her become an actress and model. A few years later, Vasilyeva began acting in full-length films and TV series. Now the actor is 28 years old.
  7. The script was created about thirty years ago. Initially, the film was set in a world without mobile phones, the Internet and DNA testing. Hancock recently learned that the director’s script was registered with the Screenwriters Guild back in 1993. The script was not adapted to modern times and left everything as it is. Therefore, there is a retro spirit in the crime thriller.
  8. The director of the crime thriller was supposed to be the notorious Steven Spielberg, but he refused because of the dark atmosphere of the film. The director’s chair went to Hancock, who also did not immediately start shooting because of the growing children.
  9. The script did not cost Warner Bros very much. If the studio refused to shoot the movie, the film would “go” to the company Netflix.
  10. Denzel Washington immediately accepted the role of deputy sheriff. Washington and Hancock are old acquaintances, so he agreed to play the role as soon as he read the script.
  11. Jared Leto made exceptions for the role. The musician and master of reincarnation in the cinema told the director that his musical career is a priority for him. But after a brief discussion, he agreed to play the killer in the movie.

The Little Things 2021 (Warner Bros) – Trailer Reaction

the little things official trailer on Warner Bros. Pictures

The official trailer for Denzel Washington fans turned out to be promising. DL Hancock, a director with many years of experience, promised that the crime thriller will be the main event of the winter and will be remembered by the audience as an amazing film. The cast contains a phenomenal trio of Oscar winners. However, there are those who believe that terrible colleagues surround Denzel; others predict that the film will receive a Golden Globe Award.

Reddit users have already managed to leave a reaction to the official trailer and predict which of the heroes the real killer is.

Where to watch Denzel Washington ‘The Little Things’ Movie?

Denzel Washington in 'THE LITTLE THINGS'
Denzel Washington in ‘THE LITTLE THINGS’

‘The Little Things’ featuring acclaimed actor Denzel Washington will be available on HBO MAX streaming service. For US users, the service charges $ 14.99 a month for a subscription. When paying for 6 months, a 20% discount is provided. An exclusive subscription lets you watch your favorite movies and TV shows from devices such as Amazon TV, Android TV, iPad (iPhone), ROKU, Google Chromecast, up to the latest PS4 / 5 and XBOX game consoles.

The question whether the movie will appear on Netflix or not is unknown. However, in the base of the original streaming service NETFLIX there is an Indian series of 2016 with a duration of 3 seasons with a similar name ‘Little Things’ – the main thing is not to be confused with the new product of 2021.

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