Cobra kai season 3 release date on Netflix: cast, trailer

Cobra Kai 3 Coming Soon

After the success of the first two seasons, it was decided that in 2021, the world will see 10 more new episodes of the series Cobra Kai 3. On the IMDB website, information appeared that there will be a 4th season. The show was renewed for a fourth season prior to the third season.

As Chris says, “the Story is just beginning.”

The release date of season 3 of the series “Cobra Kai” on Netflix is ​​scheduled for January 8, 2021, but at the last moment the release of episode 1 was postponed to January 1.

Cobra Kai at a glance how it all began

After the overwhelming success of the 1984 film Karate Boy, the producers launched a comedy drama in 2018. The project turned out to be profitable, fans loved the fight between the two masters of the old generation and the relationship between the teenagers. The series was originally owned by YouTube Originals, but in June 2020, Netflix bought the rights.

Johnny Lawrence in a duel
Johnny Lawrence in a duel

34 years later, Jack decides to reopen a karate school. The pampered generation needs a martial art to learn how to fight back in difficult situations. The karate saga continues into season 3.

Cobra Kai Season 3: spoiler, cast

The tension between the warring dojos has entered a key stage. As a result of the showdown, many students suffered, some students had to fight for their lives in a hospital bed.

After the release of the official teaser from Netflix, the fans of the show are speculating: Some believe that Robbie will go to jail during the clash with Miguel, Samantha will suffer from mental disorders against the background of recent events, Johnny will give way in the battle with Crease. After falling on the landing, Miguel will not be able to walk soon and he must overcome this test, overcoming the pain.

Cobra Kai fans think Johnny and Daniel are going to join forces against Kreese.

Aisha Robinson: Nicole Brown, of Cobra Kai

Aisha Robinson. On her Instagram, actress Nicole Brown, who plays Aisha, will not be able to take part in Cobra Kai season 3, citing the fact that she was not found in the script.

The love triangle between Samantha LaRusso, Robby Keene, Miguel Diaz will be the focus of the entire show.

Season 3 cast and other characters

cast for season 3 of Cobra Kai
cast for season 3 of Cobra Kai

Johnny Lawrence the main actor of the project “Cobra Kai” decides to open a martial arts school, which will be similar to the organization from his youth.

Ralph Macchio embodied the image of Daniel Larusso in the series. He left his wrestling career and devoted his life to the automobile business.

  • William Zabka – Johnny Lawrence
  • Mary Mouser – Samantha LaRusso
  • Tanner Buchanan – Robby Keene
  • Jacob Bertrand – Hawk
  • Ralph Macchio – Daniel LaRusso
  • Xolo Maridueña – Miguel Diaz
  • Gianni Decenzo – Demetri
  • Owen Morgan – Bert
  • Aedin Mincks – Mitch
  • Joe Seo – Kyler
Elisabeth Shue
Elisabeth Shue

RELEASE ASSUMPTIONS. Some fans think that Elisabeth Shue will be the pediatric surgeon who will perform the surgery on Miguel. Perhaps she will divorce and resume an affair with Johnny.

Netflix official trailer for Cobra Kai season 3

The official first trailer appeared on the YouTube channel on October 2, 2020, i.e. 3 months before the release of the first episodes. On December 9, Netflix decided to warm up the audience with a new video clip and announced the release of the series for January 2021.

Release date of the first episodes

  • Episode 31 or Season 3 of Episode 1 will air on January 1, 2020.
  • Episode 32 will be released on January 8.

The project is broadcast both on the official Netflix streaming service and on the YouTube Premium pay TV channel.

6 interesting facts about the third season of Cobra Kai

  1. It takes about 25 minutes for actors to tattoo their backs;
  2. Karate Kid 2 Characters, Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) and Kumiko (Tamlin Tomita) Return for Season 3;
  3. Executive Producer Will Smith Makes a Key Decision in the Series’ Development;
  4. To add naturalness to the shooting, I used real lighting, the only exception was the evening;
  5. Daniel will return to Okinawa for Season 3;
  6. It has been officially confirmed that the episodes of season 3 will be the longest. This means that 34 minutes of video can be released in 50 minutes or an entire hour.
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